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Technological Innovation of Chemical Cleaning

GR943C (Boiler Scale Inhibitor)




Applicable for different types of steam boilers, water boilers, steam generator, heat exchanger, water distiller, water heating or cooling system, etc.





Effective to prevent the forming of different kinds of insoluble scales and incrustations, including sulfates type. Scales can be prevented with high efficiency. 



Make up an effective and protective membrane on the metal surface to prevent the boiler in running being corroded by corrosive ingredients from the feed water. 


Scour out a boiler in its running, without loss caused by the relative production-stopping, lower cost than acidic cleaning.


The whole operation process only refers to adding the product into the boiler feed water.





Steam Boilers:

Add the product by the ratio of 25g per ton of feed water and make-up water into boiler feed water system and make them well distributed in the water-supplying devices (by the way of mixing-up).

Blow down the sludge from steam boilers according to operation requirements of the boilers, and make sure that every drain-valve has been opened to serve draining-out process well.

The frequency and the amount of sludge-blowing down should be increased in the case of the feed water with relatively high hardness degree.

Make sure the concentration rate of  feed water in the boilers should be smaller than 8 times of the original water concentration, and the hardness of feed water smaller than 20mmol/L.

When total alkalinity is smaller than 4mmol/L, and pH<10, adjust the feed water system to normal condition by Na2CO3 addition.

Water Boilers:

Add the product in terms of 25g per ton of feed water into the system during the running process of the water boilers.

The whole process of the product addition should be processed for only one time through the water box.

When total alkalinity is smaller than 4mmol/L, and pH<10, adjust the feed water system to normal condition by Na2CO3 or NaOH addition, make pH kept between 10 and 12, meet the requirement of the National Standard GB1576-2001.  




Drain out the sludge on time to avoid the mini-sized granular scales blocking up the pipeline.

Quantity for every time could be reduced to 15g per ton of water, when the hardness of feed water is smaller than 2mmol/L.

Quantity of  usage should be moderated to more than normal conditions and increase the frequency of  operations to drain out the sludge, when the hardness of feed water is larger than 8mmol/L.

Secure and not toxic, the product only stay in the liquid phase, not coming into the steam system, so it can be sued in all steam boilers for foods, wine-making, etc.




Plastic bottles and cardboard cases (250g/bottle, 48 bottles per case; 1g/bottle, 12 bottles per case).

2 years of warrant time for storage in the dry & ventilated places without strong & direct lightings.




Appearance: Light yellow liquid                                    Odor: No

Density(20),g/cm3:1.12                                      Flammability: No


Developed by Lanzhou (Green) Research Institute of Corrosion Inhibitor

Produced by Gansu Green Technical Ind. & Commerce Co., Ltd.


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