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Technological Innovation of Chemical Cleaning
GR943A (Working Boiler Cleanser)

New Concept of Chemical Cleaning     
New Ways without Acid or Alkali




More efficient than traditional acidic cleaning:
   Effective to different kinds of insoluble scales and incrustations, including sulfates type.


More secure than traditional acidic cleaning:
   Scour out boilers under normal conditions of alkalinity or pH, without any successive corrosion to the boilers.


More economical than traditional acidic cleaning:
   Scour out a boiler in its running, without loss caused by the relative production-stopping, lower cost than acidic cleaning.


More convenient than traditional acidic cleaning:
   The whole operation process only refers to adding the product into the boiler feed water.


More environmental than traditional acidic cleaning:
   It has no poison, harm, or environmental pollution, which can be utilized in such fields as food industry, sanitary and pharmacy industry.




Scour out different types of boilers, steam generator, heat ex-changer, water heating or  
   cooling system, etc.






Add GR-943 by the ratio of 50g/m3 into boiler feed water and make them well distributed in the 
   water-supplying devices (by the way of mixing-up).


Drain out the sludge every 8 hours from steam boilers and make sure that every drain-
   valve has been opened to avoid scales re-precipitating.


It needs about 20-30 days to scour out the scales within the thickness of 3mm for a boiler.
   Longer time duration may be needed for the scales with the thickness more than 3mm.


Other heat ex-changers:


Add GR-943 in terms of 1kg/m3 into the water system during the running process of the heat ex-changer.




Add GR-943 in the target boilers or other equipment successively, according to the instructions, during the period of scales-removing.


Drain out the sludge on time to avoid the mini-sized granular scales blocking up the pipeline.


A few scales may be left in the case of the insufficient quantity of the product to be used during the cleaning process.



Plastic bottles and cardboard cases (250g/bottle, 40 bottles per case).


3 years of warrant time for storage in the dry & ventilated places without strong & direct lighting.


Developed by Lanzhou (Green) Research Institute of Corrosion Inhibitor
Produced by Gansu Green Technical Ind. & Commerce Co., Ltd.

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