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RT Efficient Passivant GR-918



GR-918 can be applied for the passivation and anti-corrosion of industrial and life-related equipment after chemical washing process, including boiler, tea boilers, air conditioning system, heat ex-changer, reservoir, steel pipe, industrial water circulation system, etc.


Excellent passivation properties: GR-918 can rapidly form protecting membrane on the fresh metal surface at the ambient temperature to make it be inert state from active one so as to inhibit its damage from oxidizing corrosion, and other electro-chemical and chemical corrosion. Therefore, the durability of washed equipment can be efficiently prolonged.

Convenient usage: Compared with the conventional method,GR-918 can simplify the complicated passivation process and the condition of heat supply, and shorten the passivation time. In comparison with phosphate, it offers more convenient and effective passivation process.

High safety: GR-918 has no irritant odor, no circumstance pollution in use, and possesses operation safety at ambient temperature.


Appearance: white powder;

pH(1% aqueous solution):7.0~7.5;


Flammability: inflammable.


The amount GR-918 used in the passivating process depends on the equipment capacity. In general,2kg of GR-918 is used for 1000kg water to form homogeneous solution and pH of the content is adjusted to 10~12 with NaOH. Such solution is transferred into the equipment and fill up it, and then is removed after being kept for 8~12h.Under the condition of the severe deposit, the equipment should be washed with fresh water for 1~2 times after the treatment.

In the case that the washed equipment is put aside for long time without any use, protecting agent TH-931 or TH-932 should be added into the equipment after the passivation, which can efficiently prevent boilers from corrosion damage.

Package and storage:

To be stored under shady and dry condition with air-proof; valid period is two years.

2kg per packet,26kg per box; package is plastic sack and carton.

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