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Oil Stain Detergent


Applicability & Characteristics:

GR-922 has good efficiency for cleaning the stain from oil, mud and dust, carbon black, fungus spot, etc., and is mainly used to take the place of gasoline, kerosene and organic solvents to wash machine oil, cutting oil, lubricant oil, rustproof oil and various mineral grease and animal and vegetable-fat on various machine and metal component parts.

It also can clean various oil stain, smoke stain, dirt, muddy and rotten stain, etc., on the surface of non-metallic material such as leather, plastic, rubber, cement, timber, ceramics, glass, bing bricks, mosaic, leather oil, and so on.

GR-922 is nontoxic, harmless, noncorrosive and circumstance friendly, as well as safe and convenient for use.

GR-922 is composed of surfactant, oil dispersant, catalytic penetrant, metal antiseptic, etc.



Appearance: ivory or light yellow liquid;

pH(1% aqueous solution): 7.0~7.5;

Density(20,g/cm3): 1.04~1.08;

Flammability: inflammable.




GR-922 is used according to the stain degree of the metal objects. For the serious stain, GR-922 is diluted with water for 2~4 times; for the common stain, it is diluted with water for 5~8times.


To quench metal parts into the above solution and then shake ro brush; or to scrub the object with solution-soaked cotton yarn; GR-922 could be used by the combination with ultrasonic wave, too.

To wash the object with fresh water and then dry it under the ambient condition or by heat air or pressed air.


For the stain on the surface of nonmetal object, the product is diluted with water for 10~30 times and then used.

The washing process is appreciated at temperature between 40~60.



Package & Storage:

20kg/barrel, 25kg/barrel ( plastic barrel);


Warrant period: 3 years.


Developed by Lanzhou (Green) Research Institute of Corrosion Inhibitor

Produced by Gansu Green Technical Ind. & Commerce Co., Ltd.


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