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GR-914 Solid Multi-Functional Acid Corrosion Inhibitor
Patented Product


This product is a derivative of Lan-826, with new improvements and innovations (Lan-826 is a traditional product of our organization with the nation-leveled invention award donated by the Chinese central government ).


Scope of Utilization:


Co-operating with different kinds of acids(except nitric acid) to wipe off sorts of scales, rusts and oxides on the metal surface .

Suitable for apparatus made of different metals, such as low-alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and so forth .

Capable to do the work about the maintenance of the apparatus after or before cleaning, which includes boilers, heat-transferring apparatus, metal piping, refrigeration machines, and kinds of equipment in chemical industry and metallurgical industry etc.





Multi-functional: it can be used with different kinds of acids ( hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, citric acid, acetic acid, mixed acid, inorganic acid, organic acid and so on ) together to get the outcome as previously expected for no corrosion to the metal surface of devices;


Highly efficient: under normal conditions for acidic cleaning, the corrosion rate is smaller than 1g/m2•h;


Safe and convenient: with only one third of the amount of Lan-826 in operation, more convenient and secured for storage and transportation by the solid property. It has no smells, no toxin, shows environment-friendly properties.


Physical Properties:


Colour: Gray or pink;

pH( 1% aqueous solution)7.08.0;

Precipitate rate: <1%;

Flammability: No.


Usage and Notice:


Choose the appropriate acid type according to the material and structure of the target equipment and the analysis of the scale formed in the equipment.

Ensure that the target equipment, operation container ( for producing the proper cleaning solution ) and the pump work together in one circuit of the flowchart.

Put enough water into the operation container, add GR-914 solution (solved in a small amount of water before adding) into it then , and keep the concentration from 1.0 to 1.6kg per ton . With mixing to be homogeneous , then put quantitative amount of acid into the cleaning solution. after mixing , inject the solution into the target equipment ( keep running the equipment in the cleaning process).

When the whole cleaning process ends , output the waste liquid and use GR-934 to do operations for deactivation on the inner surface of the equipment.




When the packaging bag gets torn, make sure not to maintain any for next time, which will decline even get rid of the function of the product.

Before cleaning, please make the product into water to become the solution.

All operations must be handled by the professional staffs, otherwise the incidents and accidents are probably happened, including unexpected corrosion to the target equipment.

All procedure must follow the rigid operation steps, otherwise the function will be declined.

If during the cleaning process, the cleaning solution needs some additives to cooperate with, prior to cleaning operation, please do the experiment to test the compatibility under the acidic condition. Otherwise the additive may inactivate the product even leads to the accidents.




Package and Storage:


Package Size: 800g per bag, 25 bags per hard paper box

Storage Notice: Please store on the dry and cold places, without direct sunshine or lighting

Warrant Time: 2 years


Developed by Lanzhou (Green) Research Institute of Corrosion Inhibitor

Produced by Gansu Green Technical Ind. & Commerce Co., Ltd.


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