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Green Fukeda
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Green Fukeda
Decontaminator for Radiation rays & Electrostatics on the Screen
Patent number(CN): 95100178.7




This product is an indoor environmental protection and health-care product. It can effectively eliminate the contamination of harmful electromagnetic radiation rays, and avoid 'TV diseases' 'Smart phone diseases' and 'computer diseases', protect human eyes, skin, brain etc.





* Spray the product solution on screen after it having been cleaned.

* Wipe the screen gently with a soft clean cloth.

* Do this once half a month.

* Operate when the appliance is off.




Net Weight: 120 mL/bottle

Precaution: Avoid pressure and fire.

Storage: Keep in cool place, and avoid direct lighting.

Executive standard: Q/LHS001-2001

Patent number (CN): 95100178.7

Warrant period: 2 years


Developed by Lanzhou Green Research institute of Corrosion Inhibitor



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