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Glogreen Technology Pte., Ltd.


With recent business development in African market and Southeast Asian market, the board of our headquarters designed a long term strategy to go international for our group and established a branch (Foreign Trade Department) situated in Singapore to provide services for foreign customers and trades.


The major mission of the Foreign Department is to coordinate and direct each subsidiary in our group to serve the foreign customers by our best efforts.


This branch has adjusted the products list to the demand of different international markets, offering the most necessary and customized products and services to the local customers.


It is the important window of our group to the world and the direct information channel about us for the customers and friends all over the globe. We will cherish each and every email or phone call from your inquiry about us. We will try our best to make the win-win relationships more homonyms.


We will send relative personnel to participate the Canton Fair for making more international businessmen get a direct knowledge of us twice a year in spring and autumn. Our group welcomes all forms or business models of cooperation with potential agents from different markets overseas. We appreciate every opportunity for doing business with any friend all over the world, who has the interest in our products and services.


If you have any question about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by MSN, Email or writing messages directly on our website post pageContact us.


Singapore Address: 8B Admiralty ST #01-16 Singapore 757440

 Email: glogreentechnology@gmail.com
Tel: (65) 6886 9517   
Fax: (65) 6886 9270
H/p: (65) 9271 7818


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