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Gansu Green Technical Industry and Commerce Co., Ltd.
Gansu Green Technical Industry and Commerce Co., Ltd. is the second earliest member of the Green group enterprises. It is directly invested and wholly owned by Lanzhou (Green) Research Institute of Corrosion Inhibitor ( it owns the invention intellectual property rights and patents of the first and second generations of chemical cleaning techniques). Prof. Jiang Shaohua, as the director of the research institute, is also the legal representative and the chairman of the board of the company. The company is also the headquarters of Green Group, situated in the same city as the research institute. Inside our group, it has another name as ¡°North Company¡±. Our company consists of marketing department, technical service department, quality supervision department, franchisee training and management department, production management department, and financial department.
With almost two decades long term marketing work, more and more agents and franchisee realized the advantages of our technique and service, so they have signed cooperation contracts to join our big family in a strategic way. The duty of the company aims to invest continuously in the R&D department which co-operates with the institutes from several famous universities and Chinese Academy of Sciences. So the updating of chemical cleaning technique has been and will still be led by our group. So far, we have developed more than 400 agents and franchisee around the whole country. The market includes the 31 provinces, municipalities, and areas of China, and the company serves the northern part of China ( the market in the north of Yangtze River, and Changsha Green Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for serving the south market.)


Our company has five laboratories to make scientific research on analysis of water samples, scale samples and all kinds of samples directly from the end customers¡¯ factories or plants. Our laboratories also have talented technicians and first-class testing equipment, with the aim to offer the best tailored project plans to customers in north market. Our company has got a good reputation for offering perfect packages of product and service with high quality, about industrial equipment chemical cleaning, water treatment and metal corrosion inhibition projects.


Our company has been authorized by the research institute to share all the national qualifications and permits for assisting or directing local agents or franchisee to get easy market access to various projects, such as industrial chemical cleaning and maintaining, water treatment and so on. Especially, our company facilitates agents to enter the industrial equipment chemical cleaning projects of the high-end and niche market, which reflects the leading technology we owned and the high quality, perfect, fast, efficient guidance and service provided to agents during both pre-sale and after sale periods.


By the first-class technology, the first-class products, the first-class management and the first-class customer service, the impression of our company from the market has been listed as ¡° leading technology, stable performance, reliable quality, and golden brand¡±, has been highly praised both by domestic and overseas enterprise users. Our company has passed the evaluation of ISO-9001 international quality management system for years, and was awarded with the title of ¡° Renowned High-Tech Enterprise¡± by Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Department. ¡° Green¡± brand has become a famous brand in the chemical cleaning industry, equipment maintaining industry and corrosion inhibitor industry in China.

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