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Corporate Culture: Three Top Priorities (the ¡°TTP¡± concept, called by our staff)


Business Credibility


Our group views the credibility as the core value, which has been rooted deep in our culture. Since the founding of the research institute, which is our first group member, every staff from the management layer to the salesman all has obeyed the rule that credit is the life of the business. Credibility is the critical factor we want to strive for in our business all the time. So far we are proud that we have accepted a good credit reputation for our brand widely and earned lots of trust from our former and extant co-operators and customers.


All these good results should thank for our regulation-based management system-building. It works not only among different subsidiaries, but also inside every department of member companies. By it, the whole work team can forcefully fulfill the commitment of every contract with our co-operators, agents and end-customers.


Technological Innovation


Products quality is the life of our brand, always the one of our top concerns. The group invested hugely into R & D sector annually to secure the high quality products and keep a leading position on industrial cleaning and anti-corrosion for the metal-made equipment.


In addition, during the process of production, a well operated quality inspection mechanism has been applied to ensure that every member company could perform functionally so as to stabilize the properties of our products regardless of the fluctuations happened in the supply chains.


The strict regulations make sure that our factories could keep in line with the international production standards and meet the requirement of background technological progress in this century. So our products have been accepted by more and more overseas markets with good reputations.


Corporate Social Responsibility


The last but the most important concern is our customers and all shareholders of our industry. Based on the characteristics of our traditional products (industrial chemical cleaning), the relative service provision should keep accordance to the practical conditions of our different customers and all shareholders around each and every product and service package for various projects. So our group culture has inherited and deepened this value, focusing on the market feed-backs, advice from any shareholder, and putting the needs of customers and relative shareholders into concerns of top priority. For example, we not just only offer products and service to the end customers, but also help them how to make the project environmental and energy saving.


As a result of regarding of the shareholders¡¯ situations, the benefits of our clients and end customers could be maximized. So far, we have still been doing our best to offer customized services and products to many specific enterprise customers. In other words, serving the customers well is our final business goal, and our specific customer orientation policy also ensured that we could fulfill the commitments of CSR in a practical way.


We believe that these unceasing efforts paid to innovation and creativity could also guarantee our products generations¡¯ updates successfully to meet the market demands. In the end, our customers¡¯ needs could help us gain a competitive edge in the international marketplace.


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