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Changsha Green Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.


Changsha Green Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (also as the ¡®South Company¡¯ in Green Group) is wholly invested by Lanzhou (Green) Research Institute of Corrosion Inhibitor, with the aim to deliver services with higher quality and efficiency to end customers and clients (agents) in south of domestic market, and to commit more efficient and comprehensive technology consultancy and guidance in southern area of China. It is a wholly owned subsidiary and also another core member of our group enterprises besides the North Company. Nowadays, South Company has already facilitated the local agents to handle and resolve hundreds of technical problems or practical cases and organized agents to accept professional chemical cleaning education programs referring to site-supervision, case-examining and quality criterion. Moreover, we also offer post-sale service, sub-regions-coordination and agent companies¡¯ management in south.


By the advantage of the solid expertise and advanced technology on professional domains of chemical cleaning, corrosion prevention and water treatment, which are transplanted straight from the research institute, the South Company is capable to conduct various products¡¯ marketing, commit direct sale to the terminal customers, and develop regional agents as one of the main business modes, referring to directing agents¡¯ products sales, helping agents complete bidding for chemical cleaning, anti-corrosion and water treatment engineering services, and assisting agents to fulfill the responsibility of replying and resolving the industrial enterprise customers¡¯ technical problems and questions, etc. We shall try our best to guarantee our agents the all-rounded guidance for the successful market access!


The Windows of Service:


For offering better services and products to our clients in south of China£¨including the agent and the enterprise customer service£©, the South Company has set two main departments, which are windows of our services to fulfill the above-mentioned purposes.




Marketing Department:


Responsible for the southern tier-1 (provincial) and 2 (municipal) agents establishment and development. Help agents to explore the undeveloped proportions of the southern market through specified training courses to gain efficient and practical marketing skills and business guidance. The new agents could get familiar with then a clear knowledge about our technology and products; responsible for the direct sale to our end customers in south.




Technical Service Department:


Responsible for providing our agents in south with pre-sale and after-sale technical support services; delivering qualified, quick and thoughtful on-site technical guidance during the ongoing process of the engineering, referring to industrial equipment cleaning, metal corrosion resistance and water quality maintenance, etc. It is our service advantage to offer such a whole technical guidance in the industrial chemical cleaning area. Keep the leading position in the market for the advanced technology of Green brand with competitive advantage.






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